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Meet Bean Buro - a powerhouse of good design, creativity and innovation based in Hong Kong (China). Bean Buro's design journey has been nothing short of spectacular, marked by a tireless pursuit of excellence. This dedication is clearly mirrored in Bean Buro's impressive haul of 21 A' Design Awards that we showcase here. Spanning across categories such as Interior, Fine Art and Furniture, Bean Buro's work stands as a living testament to a steadfast commitment to design excellence, serving as a beacon of inspiration for designers globally. With each project, Bean Buro masterfully blends form and function, crafting designs that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional and timeless. This approach underscores Bean Buro's celebration of creativity and an unyielding quest for innovation.

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Uber HK Workplace Office by Bean Buro
Uber HK Workplace Office
Uber HK Workplace Office
The idea of the ‘vessel’ was translated into the composition of a continuous blue coloured volume that wraps around the central core, within which contains various functions such as a welcoming space, meeting rooms, phone booths, private booths for personal works, printing rooms, storages, and a pantry. Each of these spaces within the ‘vessel’ are directly connected to the open plan space so that employees and visitors can access them easily. This project is a daring example in fusing local traditions for an international company.
Uber HK
Flock Architectural Art Installation by Bean Buro
Flock Architectural Art Installation
Flock Architectural Art Installation
Bean Buro proposed an exterior art installation piece at the entrance of an industrial building, to strengthen its identity and legibility in the area. A flock of LED light columns clad in lightweight mesh coloured in a gradient from yellow to orange serve as a subtle reference to the company’s brand identity. The formation was an interpretation of envisaging the company's logistics activities and data.
The Work Project Coworking Space by Bean Buro
The Work Project Coworking Space
The Work Project Coworking Space
Bean Buro completes an unprecedented workplace consisting serviced offices and coworking spaces that allows members complete freedom to adjust their office space and duration according to their evolving needs. Office bookings can be made as easy as booking a hotel, for stays as short as one day. Located at Midtown in Causeway Bay in Hong Kong, the project is 33,000sqft over four floors, with a dedicated social floor consists of different types of shared workspaces and a vertical garden by Patrick Blanc.
The Work Project
Black Beans Apartment by Bean Buro
Black Beans Apartment
Black Beans Apartment
The design is an apartment for a family of four in Pokfulam of Hong Kong. The driving narrative of this project is the need for flexible spaces for the lifestyles for both the children and the adults, with movable architectural elements that can cater for a range of social and private activities such as operable partitions and fold down beds. The approach to creating efficient storage spaces is through the customised bespoke joinery throughout the apartment, mostly concealed by a continuous flowing form of the muted green wooden architectural volume.
Black Beans
Terrace Chalet Apartment by Bean Buro
Terrace Chalet Apartment
Terrace Chalet Apartment
The main concept for the apartment features a wooden box at the terrace to connect inside and outside. The raised platform is also considered as a seating space with cushions for guests as part of the lounge sofa set. Passersby from the street may be able to look up and see the ceiling of the wooden box, but not able to see the activities inside. It is at the intersection of the visible and the invisible.
Terrace Chalet
Jardine House Workplace Office by Bean Buro
Jardine House Workplace Office
Jardine House Workplace Office
This is an workplace design with a narrative of using circular elements as a symbol for wellbeing. The project prioritises well designed materials that are environmentally friendly and sustainable, while creating a high level of comfort in terms of ergonomics and acoustics. The visual lighting environment was also designed with energy saving systems to create a legible space with a cohesive materials palette. The project is one of the first in Hong Kong to have achieved WELL™ Gold Level for New and Existing Interiors.
Jardine House
AstraZeneca HK  Workplace Office by Bean Buro
AstraZeneca HK Workplace Office
AstraZeneca HK Workplace Office
The project is an innovative Activity Based Working design for a 11,000 sqft workplace for the world leading biopharmaceutical company AstraZeneca in Hong Kong. With a clean desk policy and lockers provided throughout the open plan environment, employees have a 100 percent flexibility to choose from a variety of work settings that are sociable, semi public and private. The pill like volumetric aesthetic and colour scheme was inspired by Damien Hirst Pills Cabinets and Pill Sculptures which explored human beings relationship with science and the pharmaceutical industry.
AstraZeneca HK
Curvy Chambers Apartment by Bean Buro
Curvy Chambers Apartment
Curvy Chambers Apartment
The design for the apartment is for a family of four living at the seaside of Pok Fu Lam in Hong Kong. It features a curvy blue volume and a rectilinear concrete volume that contains a master bedroom suite, a study room for the parents, a room for a young child, and a flexible guest room that can be transformed into a baby room in the future. To create flexibility of interactions and privacy, an innovative concept is derived from the play between the two main architectural volumes, with pocketed sliding doors that can dramatically change the spatial arrangements.
Curvy Chambers
Leo Burnett  Workplace design by Bean Buro
Leo Burnett Workplace design
Leo Burnett Workplace design
The innovative workplace design in Hong Kong features a sculptural meeting room that is inspired by local boat construction techniques built by timber and plywood. It is located at the heart of the reception and cafe area to encourage social exchanges. Employees can work in a variety of open spaces and acoustic booths lined with soft fabric. The retro and vintage furniture is a reference to the company heritage in Williamsburg Brooklyn.
Leo Burnett
Cumulus Convention centre by Bean Buro
Cumulus Convention centre
Cumulus Convention centre
The convention centre is part of the refurbishment project for Kerry Logistics headquarter at a cargo centre in an industrial area of Hong Kong, with the aim of welcoming customers through the introduction of art, while also reflecting the industrial context of the cargo centre. Inspired by a field of pastel coloured pixels, the entire convention centre has been lined in colourful European acoustic fabric.
Swirl Welcoming space by Bean Buro
Swirl Welcoming space
Swirl Welcoming space
The new welcoming space for a logistics company in an industrial building in Hong Kong makes reference to museum spaces, installed with design furniture and a 9m long full height video wall for film installations. The films would transform the atmosphere of the space to cater for different events. Over sized European ceramic floor tiles have been used to create an earthy finish.
Disappearing Residential Apartment by Bean Buro
Disappearing Residential Apartment
Disappearing Residential Apartment
The design brief was to refurbish a 1,485sqft apartment for a young family of four in the south side of Hong Kong Island. Unchanged since the early 1990s, the apartment had closed off rooms accessed by a long corridor, and large windows looking over the ocean. Bean Buro’s approach was to open up the cellular compartments by making the corridor disappear using sliding partitions, allowing two children rooms to be joined together to become one large playroom.
Warner Music  Workplace Office by Bean Buro
Warner Music Workplace Office
Warner Music Workplace Office
The brief of the project is to create a unique workplace that suits the activity of the music company, a 19,000sqft office for Warner Music in Hong Kong. The new design features a dedicated performance space for local artists, and encourages social interactions across the company. A storage display wall wraps around the main core, forming a continuous backdrop for everybody and physically connecting the spaces together. The metal and leather joinery details are a subtle reference to the company’s music heritage.
Warner Music
Valley House Residential apartment by Bean Buro
Valley House Residential apartment
Valley House Residential apartment
The project is an apartment for three generations to co live together in Hong Kong. This design development of this project was very challenging because of the different requirements for three generations, and the different likings from the old and young generations. At the beginning of the project, the young couple did not know when they would have children, hence out of the four bedroom apartment, two of those bedrooms would be a visitor room and a study room that could become a baby room in the future.
Valley House
Tasty Chengdu Restaurant by Bean Buro
Tasty Chengdu Restaurant
Tasty Chengdu Restaurant
The restaurant design celebrates the reputation of the noodle brand and 70 years of wantun noodle history. The Hong Kong brand has created its flagship store located at Swire Properties’ Daci Temple Sino-Ocean Taikoo Li Chengdu China. The new space is an upgrade from a historical street food status to a contemporary international identity. The two storey space features a unique art installation inspired by noodles that wraps around the staircase to heightens the drama of the double height atrium, and a curvy sharing table in the centre inspired by the rocks in a Chinese garden.
Tasty Chengdu
Cabinets Curiosities Residential apartment by Bean Buro
Cabinets Curiosities Residential apartment
Cabinets Curiosities Residential apartment
The brief for this project was to create a fresh and calm space that feels natural as a seaside apartment for a Belgian French / Chinese couple. The concept was to remove all dead spaces by removing as much partitions as possible by using a series of foldable partitions to create flexible zoning. The area is approximately 2,000sqft located in Cape Mansions Pok Fu Lam, Hong Kong. Natural Belgian oak timber has been used to create a natural atmosphere. Full height mirrors are used to virtually extend the sea view, and to increase natural daylight into the apartment.
Cabinets Curiosities
Larvotto Residential Apartment by Bean Buro
Larvotto Residential Apartment
Larvotto Residential Apartment
In response to the growing trend of working from home culture, Bean Buro designed the apartment with large panoramic windows facing the sea boating sceneries in Hong Kong Aberdeen. Drawing inspirations from traditional French boathouses in Brittany, the materials palette is natural, coloured and relaxing. The solution was to create an open space wrapped in natural timber, and a dove blue wall that adds to the fluid feel, luring the boundary between living and dinning areas.
Bean Series 2 Multi-purpose Table by Bean Buro
Bean Series 2 Multi-purpose Table
Bean Series 2 Multi-purpose Table
This table was designed by Bean Buro principle designers Kenny Kinugasa-Tsui and Lorene Faure. The project was inspired by the wiggly shapes of French Curves and the puzzle jigsaws, and serves as the central piece in an office conference room. The overall shape is full of wiggles, which is a dramatic departure from the traditional formal corporate conference table. The three parts of the table can be reconfigured in to different overall shapes to vary seating arrangements; the constant state of change creates a playful atmosphere for the creative office.
Bean Series 2
Bean Buro Office Office Interior Design by Bean Buro
Bean Buro Office Office Interior Design
Bean Buro Office Office Interior Design
How does the office allow a wide variation of activities, from concentrated working to playful fun activities? The project aimed to experiment with a new type of work place that is comfortable for staff, with careful material choices that are homey and relaxed. The new studio space for Bean Buro Architects in Hong Kong features a long library wall with a dreamy gradient wall that changes from blue to turquoise. Two oversized pendant lights accentuate the central meeting table, custom made with playful curves. A gallery wall with picture ledges allow for flexible exhibition of drawings.
Bean Buro Office
Cheil Hong Kong Office Interior Design by Bean Buro
Cheil Hong Kong Office Interior Design
Cheil Hong Kong Office Interior Design
Bean Buro designed the new office space for creative company Cheil, which comprises over three floors in an office building in Sheung Wan. The workspace has a total area of approximately 25,000 square feet to accommodate the newly expanded in house departments, creating a large holistic office for the company’s Hong Kong branch. In presenting the home feel environment, a fresh open plan studio space with long desk clusters forming the open plan areas was implemented, while private offices and meeting rooms are located around the perimeter of the floor space.
Cheil Hong Kong
Curly  Table by Bean Buro
Curly Table
Curly Table
This multipurpose table was designed by Bean Buro principle designers Kenny Kinugasa-Tsui and Lorene Faure. It functions as a central element in an interior setting. The overall shape is full of playful wiggly curves, which dramatically contrasts with the traditional formal symmetrical tables, thus it stands out as a sculptural piece to entice and interact with users. The curves appear to be accidental at first sight, however each curve has been carefully designed to encourage a variety of seating positions and social interactions.

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