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Meet smallna - a powerhouse of good design, creativity and innovation based in Poland. smallna's design journey has been nothing short of spectacular, marked by a tireless pursuit of excellence. This dedication is clearly mirrored in smallna's impressive haul of 3 A' Design Awards that we showcase here. Spanning across categories such as Interior and Street Furniture, smallna's work stands as a living testament to a steadfast commitment to design excellence, serving as a beacon of inspiration for designers globally. With each project, smallna masterfully blends form and function, crafting designs that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional and timeless. This approach underscores smallna's celebration of creativity and an unyielding quest for innovation.

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NoWINA wine bar by smallna
NoWINA wine bar
NoWINA wine bar
NoWINA is a wine bar, restaurant and a gallery of wine culture objects and vintage furniture in the heart of Warsaw. Artistic light installations combined with collections of old bottles, corkscrews and industrial lamps are the key elements of the wine bar environment. There are hundreds of wine artefacts displayed in 17 vitrines. The wine shop is an architectural steel and glass cube surrounded by 100-year-old walls. There are stair shelves up to the ceiling carrying around 3000 bottles. NoWINA also offers an underground space where jazz concerts are played and wine tastings are organised.
Risky Shop Boutique & Showroom by smallna
Risky Shop Boutique & Showroom
Risky Shop Boutique & Showroom
Risky shop was designed and created by smallna, a design studio and vintage gallery founded by Piotr Płoski. The task posed many challenges, as the boutique is located on the second floor of a tenement house, lacks a shop window and has an area of only 80 sqm. Here came the idea of doubling the area, by utilising both the space on the ceiling as well as the floor space. A hospitable, homely atmosphere is achieved, even though the furniture is actually hung upside down on the ceiling. Risky shop is designed against all the rules (it even defies gravity). It fully reflects spirit of the brand.
Risky Shop
Risky Trailer Multifunctional Mobile Shop  by smallna
Risky Trailer Multifunctional Mobile Shop
Risky Trailer Multifunctional Mobile Shop
Risky Trailer is an extention of the Risky Shop's philosophy. It is a mobile rack in the shape of old school polish trailer but made of pipes. These pipes became recognizable boutique's display of cool brand: Risk MadeInWarsaw. Transformable pop up shop is full of functions: fitting room, desk, rack, display. This multifunctionality reminds Risky Shop powered by smallna - place for fashion, art and design. Trailer is lightened by pure vintage lamps exactly like risky collection reflected in the showroom with lighting from 30's to 80's Finally trailer is a sculptural object.
Risky Trailer

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