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Ruud Belmans

Ruud Belmans


Meet Ruud Belmans - a powerhouse of good design, creativity and innovation based in Belgium. Ruud Belmans's design journey has been nothing short of spectacular, marked by a tireless pursuit of excellence. This dedication is clearly mirrored in Ruud Belmans's impressive haul of 8 A' Design Awards that we showcase here. Spanning across categories such as Interior, Kitchenware and Home Appliance, Ruud Belmans's work stands as a living testament to a steadfast commitment to design excellence, serving as a beacon of inspiration for designers globally. With each project, Ruud Belmans masterfully blends form and function, crafting designs that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional and timeless. This approach underscores Ruud Belmans's celebration of creativity and an unyielding quest for innovation.

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Shoe Class Sneaker store by Ruud Belmans
Shoe Class Sneaker store
Shoe Class Sneaker store
Pinkeye was asked to convert an existing but worn down store space into a hip ‘talk of the town’ sneaker store, on a shoestring - no pun intended. We came up with the idea of the typical classroom as a setting for trés cool sneakers, and as luck would have it we stumbled upon an abandoned school building that was selling off it’s old class and gym furniture for nickels and dimes. At first we had to convince the shop owner, a skate veteran himself, of this 'old skool' design but really soon he totally loved it, creating new fans every day.
Shoe Class
Coca-Cola 125 years of design Exhibition by Ruud Belmans
Coca-Cola 125 years of design Exhibition
Coca-Cola 125 years of design Exhibition
Pinkeye was asked to design this 500 m2 exhibition about the rich history of 125 years of Coca-Cola as a design innovator. We established a strong coherent unity by drawing up a clear message track and translating this into a spatial form. The moment visitors enter the main space they are met with a gigantic Coca-Cola logo seemingly filling up the whole room, breaking up into smaller intricate but always recognisable fragments as the visitors explore the exhibition. 5 main themes were connected literally by a red line, guiding people throughout the key content.
Coca-Cola 125 years of design
Jacqmotte Slow Drip Coffee Maker Coffee maker by Ruud Belmans
Jacqmotte Slow Drip Coffee Maker Coffee maker
Jacqmotte Slow Drip Coffee Maker Coffee maker
The "Slow Drip Coffee Maker" is unique in its kind and has been designed with respect for noble materials. Each part plays its role in creating a perfect slow coffee making experience. The filter cone is made out of bone china and its spiral shaped ridges give rise to a subtle extraction of aromas, that expose the strength and character of the coffee. The arc shaped wooden support is robust yet rich in its simplicity. The elegant roundness and transparency of the dubble sided glass let you discover and enjoy the subtle nuances of the coffee while it still has the right temperature.
Jacqmotte Slow Drip Coffee Maker
Buck BBQ by Ruud Belmans
Buck BBQ
Buck BBQ
Our client Matro wanted to extend their existing line of brand-less standard import products with a range of new products under a new flagship brand owned solely by them. BUCK barbecue was chosen as the first element of this new range. Pinkeye was responsible for the design of the barbecue and the whole accompanying brand visual identity of the new higher end range, including logotype, color scheme and even naming. These were then translated into printed materials, packaging and a website. BUCK brings some fun and emotion in an overly technical oriented product category.
Pinkeye Studio Office by Ruud Belmans
Pinkeye Studio Office
Pinkeye Studio Office
Pinkeye is a multidisciplinary design studio, with a very dynamic way of working and a highly diverse output. Working in a crossover way demands a studio that allows you to do that. This calls for a communal area with smaller workstations to group together and brainstorm about a certain project. The central element in the design of the 600-square-metre space is a dividing wall that runs the length of the work space. Clad in diagonally framed wooden beams, the wall's interplay of lines creates structure and atmosphere. Half moon cut outs make for windows that reveal more intimate rooms.
Pinkeye Studio
Oscar Opticiens Optician by Ruud Belmans
Oscar Opticiens Optician
Oscar Opticiens Optician
Grenoble based optician Oscar annexed the neighbouring building and extended their range of standard glasses with sunglasses. The duality of standard and sunglasses and also of the old and new part of the building inspired us to start playing with blurred boundaries and overlapping divisions between the two spaces, with angular coloured surfaces establishing a dynamic and playful basis.. The shop’s eye-catcher is a large graphic, entirely shaped by sunglasses affixed in holes in the metal wall. The image can be altered into any imaginable design, depending on where the sunglasses are placed.
Oscar Opticiens
Wasbar Laundromat by Ruud Belmans
Wasbar Laundromat
Wasbar Laundromat
Wasbar is a combination of a bar and a laundry salon where twenty- and thirtysomethings can come to do their laundry while chatting and meeting others doing the same. A concept this unique called for an equally unique setting, so Pinkeye designed a delightfully eclectic mix of vintage furniture, custom objects and, naturally, washing machines - opting to put them on full display as is, instead of trying to mask them. Besides having a coffee or a beer and a snack, or working, or chatting up you can also get your hair done by the local hairdresser in one of the back rooms.
Connections Travel store by Ruud Belmans
Connections Travel store
Connections Travel store
When leading Belgian travel agency Connections decided to explore new horizons and start selling travel paraphernalia as well as the travel arrangements in se they created quite a splash in the travel sector, and needed a suitable flagship store to help underpin their message. Central in the space and eye catcher of the design is a huge screen wall depicting a map of the earth. The map is highly animated with local info on desitinations, movies and pictures of travelers. It's basically the portal between the store and its clients traveling around the globe.

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