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Meet ISVEA EURASIA - a powerhouse of good design, creativity and innovation based in Turkey. ISVEA EURASIA's design journey has been nothing short of spectacular, marked by a tireless pursuit of excellence. This dedication is clearly mirrored in ISVEA EURASIA's impressive haul of 10 A' Design Awards that we showcase here. Spanning across categories such as Sanitary Ware, ISVEA EURASIA's work stands as a living testament to a steadfast commitment to design excellence, serving as a beacon of inspiration for designers globally. With each project, ISVEA EURASIA masterfully blends form and function, crafting designs that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional and timeless. This approach underscores ISVEA EURASIA's celebration of creativity and an unyielding quest for innovation.

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Cappitone Washbasin by Isvea Eurasia
Cappitone Washbasin
Cappitone Washbasin
By its stylish and assertive looking, Cappitone washbasin offers unique bathroom environments for those who want to be different than others. While it provides beauty in details with its special pattern, different color options add value to bathrooms. It does not only bring ease of use and maximum functionality with its smooth surface bowl but also makes contributions to hygienic environment.
Height Adjustable Water Closet by Isvea Eurasia
Height Adjustable Water Closet
Height Adjustable Water Closet
Height Adjustable WC has capability of 25 cm movement which allows disabled and elder people to use WC as comfortable as possible for themselves. MOreover, as a scientific explanation it has been learned that a lower position during WC usage gives more comfort.
Height Adjustable
Sott'Aqua Marino Bathroom Furniture by Isvea Eurasia
Sott'Aqua Marino Bathroom Furniture
Sott'Aqua Marino Bathroom Furniture
The Sott'Aqua Marino collection with its creative details of the underwater world to the bathrooms,offers the luxury of designing your own bathroom by using the wide range of modulation choices available.Sott'Aqua Marino is able to offer a unique design approach for every bathroom with its flexibility to be used with single or double sink cabinets.The round mirror mounted to the wall with a hanger has also concealed lighting system.The cedar chest ottoman on wheels also functions as a laundry basket.
Sott'Aqua Marino
Flamma Washbasin by Isvea Eurasia
Flamma Washbasin
Flamma Washbasin
While the wide and simple bowl with smooth surface offers ease of use and maximum functionality,it also provides advantages to the user from the hygiene perspective. This artistic interpretation brought to your bathrooms by this modern, organic and sculpturesque form will help you feel yourself unique.
Bplus Wall-hung WC with cleaRim system  Wall-hung WC by Isvea Eurasia
Bplus Wall-hung WC with cleaRim system Wall-hung WC
Bplus Wall-hung WC with cleaRim system Wall-hung WC
With the innovative cleaRim addition, Isvea transforms a regular WC into Bplus, a versatile WC which can be used in public toilets as well as private bathrooms. Bplus WC has a smaller wall-hung pan compared to a regular WC. Its round compact form offers an effective use of space. The new Bplus cleaRim WC has no rim. With no hidden rim, it means there’s simply nowhere for germs to hide. The Hygienic design of Bplus WC makes it easy to clean the bowl which reduces the water usage as well as the need to use bathroom chemicals harmful to the environment.
Bplus Wall-hung WC with cleaRim system
Eleganza Bathroom Furniture by Isvea Eurasia
Eleganza Bathroom Furniture
Eleganza Bathroom Furniture
Eleganza bathroom furniture collection is designed for the purpose of reenacting the precision, elegance and sensations of furniture craft and handmade products with a modern approach and bringing a fresh touch to the bathroom culture.Eleganza collection having a fine countertop on stylish stands has an elegant, modern, artistic and innovative story combining soft and sharp lines with a simple balance.
 Valente Bathroom Furniture by Isvea Eurasia
Valente Bathroom Furniture
Valente Bathroom Furniture
Valente bathroom collection inspired by the precious stones of the nature offers the luxury of designing your bathroom and customizing the space with a range of uses available.Since each precious stone in the nature is unique,all furniture elements of the Valente collection have different sizes and colors.The goal of these elements designed in different sizes and colors is to bring heavenly beauty of the nature in our bathrooms and bring a rhythm, dynamism to the bathrooms.
Soluzione Bathroom Furniture by Isvea Eurasia
Soluzione Bathroom Furniture
Soluzione Bathroom Furniture
Soluzione bathroom furniture collection is designed based on the idea of creating innovative and chic solutions making the life easier, peaceful and building bathrooms with a sense of personality. The bathroom cabinets, available in three different sizes with drawers and cabinet door selections, are combined with vessel sinks in order to redefine bathroom aesthetic. The optional semi-circle towel hanger module is an innovative approach of towel storage and hanging.Soluzione collection available in white and anthracite color lacquer hopes to offer innovative bathroom solutions.
Sentimenti Bathroom Furniture by Isvea Eurasia
Sentimenti Bathroom Furniture
Sentimenti Bathroom Furniture
Sentimenti Bathroom furniture collection inspired by feelings and contrast of coexisting emotions offers a modern and chic bathroom atmosphere. Horizontal and vertical contrasting wood sidings embody the contrasting feelings as well as adding a touch of dynamism to bathrooms. Sentimenti collection is ready to be a part of bathrooms of all sizes with bathroom cabinets of four different sizes, available with drawers and cabinet doors, and mirrors with concealed lighting and mirrored cabinet doors.
Sottacqua Ceramic Sanitaryware Suit by Isvea Eurasia
Sottacqua Ceramic Sanitaryware Suit
Sottacqua Ceramic Sanitaryware Suit

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