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Krungsri Auto

Krungsri Auto


Meet Krungsri Auto - a powerhouse of good design, creativity and innovation based in Thailand. Krungsri Auto's design journey has been nothing short of spectacular, marked by a tireless pursuit of excellence. This dedication is clearly mirrored in Krungsri Auto's impressive haul of 3 A' Design Awards that we showcase here. Spanning across categories such as Social, Volunteerism and Advertising, Krungsri Auto's work stands as a living testament to a steadfast commitment to design excellence, serving as a beacon of inspiration for designers globally. With each project, Krungsri Auto masterfully blends form and function, crafting designs that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional and timeless. This approach underscores Krungsri Auto's celebration of creativity and an unyielding quest for innovation.

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Sign of Care Virtual Traffic Sign by Krungsri Auto
Sign of Care Virtual Traffic Sign
Sign of Care Virtual Traffic Sign
Imagine how many years the traffic signs have never been updated to nowadays situations. Introducing Never-before-Seen Virtual Traffic Signs created to reflect those challenging behaviors to road safety that need drivers/riders’ attentions. A tiny symbol of people has also been put into some designs to help create powerful and deep meaning. We hope when you see it, you’ll drive safely for both yourself and for the ones who care you. And when you share it, it's possible that you could help minimize the road accidents or even save people's life.
Sign of Care
Meet the Chef Calendar by Krungsri Auto
Meet the Chef Calendar
Meet the Chef Calendar
How a corporate calendar can bring more business to Thailand's local restaurants in upcountry? What about creating more engagement with the calendar using QR Code as to see the ‘Secret Recipe’ video clips of signature dishes of 12 Thailand’s local restaurants. The clips will be uploaded to Social Network sites for easy sharing. More views will help restaurants be better known and may lead to more sales. As a result, local individual entrepreneurs can stand on their own, running their chosen business, not having to leave their hometown.
Meet the Chef
Marketplace on the Move QR Code Sticker by Krungsri Auto
Marketplace on the Move QR Code Sticker
Marketplace on the Move QR Code Sticker
New way to sell your car everywhere! Only at where you can post to sell your car and we will produce QR Code Sticker based on your listed car's unique web address, with your selected sticker design then deliver to your place so you can attach sticker on your car!!! For Buyer, just scan QR Code you see at the Seller’s car parking at department stores, coffee shops, buildings, and etc. Access to car details instantly. Call the Seller and check it out. All are suddenly happened at the place where you both are!!!
Marketplace on the Move

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