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Fernanda Marques

Fernanda Marques


Meet Fernanda Marques - a powerhouse of good design, creativity and innovation based in Brazil. Fernanda Marques's design journey has been nothing short of spectacular, marked by a tireless pursuit of excellence. This dedication is clearly mirrored in Fernanda Marques's impressive haul of 13 A' Design Awards that we showcase here. Spanning across categories such as Architecture, Interior, Building Components and Furniture, Fernanda Marques's work stands as a living testament to a steadfast commitment to design excellence, serving as a beacon of inspiration for designers globally. With each project, Fernanda Marques masterfully blends form and function, crafting designs that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional and timeless. This approach underscores Fernanda Marques's celebration of creativity and an unyielding quest for innovation.

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Groenlandia Residential House  by Fernanda Marques
Groenlandia Residential House
Groenlandia Residential House
For more adequate that an architectural project may be, the program that has to be supplied by a construction varies over time, demanding, not a few, functional and constructive alterations. As it happens, with these elegant lines, the 740 m² residence, constructed around the year of 1950, in one of the most noble neighborhoods of São Paulo, recently submitted to a retrofit process
London Penthouse Interior Design by Fernanda Marques
London Penthouse Interior Design
London Penthouse Interior Design
A haven for a young couple of art collectors and their two children to relax, coexist in harmony with their collection of works of art and design and feel at home in, right in the centre of London. “I retrofitted the triplex penthouse. My clients wanted ideal conditions for displaying their extensive art and furniture collection. My greatest challenge was to find the balance between the collection of works of art, prominently sculptural furniture and the everyday of a home” As the couple are art collector the lighting for the apartment received much attention.
London Penthouse
Synapsis Wall Tiles by Fernanda Marques
Synapsis Wall Tiles
Synapsis Wall Tiles
Deeply set in the architect and designer’s vocabulary, the possibility of customization was emphasized by Fernanda when developing the range, in which three basic concrete components can be put together freely in endless manners. “I like to think up objects in which functionality can be approached from a broader perspective. In the case of this one there are only 3 elements in play yet the combination possibilities are practically unlimited, which makes it extremely versatile.''
Tavarua Residencial Penthouse by Fernanda Marques
Tavarua Residencial Penthouse
Tavarua Residencial Penthouse
An ideal balance that has as base noble materials and a minimalistic occupation. This is how we can depict the sense of living in this 600 m2 duplex apartment, home to a young couple and their two sons, designed by Fernanda Marques, in São Paulo. In constructive terms, another well executed retrofit operation conducted by the architect, that endowed the apartment with amplified spaces and greater integration, having as background the vibrant skyline of the city.
Infinite Steel Stool Stool by Fernanda Marques
Infinite Steel Stool Stool
Infinite Steel Stool Stool
Infinite Steel Stool
Fazenda Boa Vista Architecture Design by Fernanda Marques
Fazenda Boa Vista Architecture Design
Fazenda Boa Vista Architecture Design
In line with the owners’ aspirations, a basic parameter guided the project for this farmhouse in Porto Feliz, São Paulo: to create a country home that emphasized its integration with the landscape, preferably by means of a lightweight structure, with large openings and glazed surfaces. So the architecture created here differs from the surrounding houses, for its contemporary language and structural boldness. Measuring 700m², the steel framed house follows the shape of the terrain.
Fazenda Boa Vista
Garage Lounge Multipurpose space  by Fernanda Marques
Garage Lounge Multipurpose space
Garage Lounge Multipurpose space
Garage Lounge
Goes Rock too living by Fernanda Marques
Goes Rock too living
Goes Rock too living
Goes Rock too
Stool Infinite Stool by Fernanda Marques
Stool Infinite Stool
Stool Infinite Stool
Stool Infinite
Chef Kitchen and Lounge Exhibition by Fernanda Marques
Chef Kitchen and Lounge Exhibition
Chef Kitchen and Lounge Exhibition
Project conceived for the 2009 Boa Mesa Exhibit, On a 194 square meter area, Fernanda presented a very peculiar version of the contemporary kitchen: one of the most sought after spaces in the show. The wooden ceiling, made of sheets is remarkably organic and is the great highlight of the project. The sculpture-like deck, developed by Corian Dupont.It draws attention for its sinuous shape and for its multifunction quality: presenting itself at times as work bench for the chef, at other times as a bench, and at other times as a bar, until it is finally incorporated to the wooden ceiling.
Chef Kitchen and Lounge
John John retail by Fernanda Marques
John John retail
John John retail
the perception of fragments flashback vintage elements An inseparable element in this special ambiance sophisticated and urban at the same time the lighting design by Guinter Parschalk were used to block all natural light Lastly to make sure styling and set up are flexible the architect chose to work with free-standing furnishings We strategically placed the menswear section at the front of the stores so that our customers will not have to cross the whole womenswear area
John John
Limantos  residence by Fernanda Marques
Limantos residence
Limantos residence
the helical staircase provides access to the mezzanine where are the home theater to the gym and terrace with fireplace downstairs area has room for children plus three suites in most of them being that the access is through a broad hall that distributes the circulation to the baths lord and lady and closet to the living room connects to the dining room by a glass every movement also integrating deck infinity pool and side garden while in the dining room a door window opens directly to the outside so almost enclosed by glass panels just the house seems to be immersed
Malibu Apartment Remodeling by Fernanda Marques
Malibu Apartment Remodeling
Malibu Apartment Remodeling
Completed in 2009, 800m² duplex apartment in São Paulo, designed for a young enterprising businessman,relies heavily on innovative and hi-tech solutions. Every piece was to be unique and yet fit in with the whole. In line with the project we chose large pieces, in proportion with the size of the spaces, with straight lines, extremely contemporary and technological. We chose especially Italian designs. Leather, velvet metal and glass prevail in the rooms. Pieces acquired in auctions in New York stand out, such as the Campana Brothers’ chair and the curvy stainless steel sofa by Ron Arad.

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