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Dalia Sadany

Dalia Sadany


Meet Dalia Sadany - a powerhouse of good design, creativity and innovation based in Egypt. Dalia Sadany's design journey has been nothing short of spectacular, marked by a tireless pursuit of excellence. This dedication is clearly mirrored in Dalia Sadany's impressive haul of 13 A' Design Awards that we showcase here. Spanning across categories such as Cultural Heritage, Limited Edition, Interior, Street Furniture, Urban Planning, Lighting, Landscape Design, Fine Art, Futuristic, Building Components, Architecture and Furniture, Dalia Sadany's work stands as a living testament to a steadfast commitment to design excellence, serving as a beacon of inspiration for designers globally. With each project, Dalia Sadany masterfully blends form and function, crafting designs that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional and timeless. This approach underscores Dalia Sadany's celebration of creativity and an unyielding quest for innovation.

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IT History Hall Museum by Dalia Sadany
IT History Hall Museum
IT History Hall Museum
Her design is the first cultural experience linking modern day cyber security and information protection in Ancient Egypt. All the artefacts and symbols in this cultural museum were researched and authenticated by an Egyptologist and cyber security professional. The project was designed to take the visitor on journey back in time to not only learn but live the story. The layout, materials and lighting as well as products, artefacts and symbols were carefully designed to enhance the mystique feel. The space is multi purpose equipped to be used for various corporate events and activities.
IT History Hall
Abstract World Wall Art by Dalia Sadany
Abstract World Wall Art
Abstract World Wall Art
Abstract World is a lighted metal wall art map of the world created as a decorative art piece for commercial office hospitality spaces. The design’s deconstruction industrial design style embodies an abstract vision of a world without topography or borders. The design is custom designed to fit various wall sizes and comes with six clocks highlighting selected cities. Handcrafted in Egypt from recycled cast iron the design takes twelve weeks to make. Abstract World was sold to offices in Dallas, Sydney, Singapore, Dubai and Cairo.
Abstract World
Trend Micro Signature Office Office by Dalia Sadany
Trend Micro Signature Office Office
Trend Micro Signature Office Office
Trend Micro Cairo is a Signature office/ Educational hub located in the AUC Greek Campus, a technology innovation park in downtown Cairo. Originally the space was used for storage and has undergone extensive renovation to include mezzanine construction. Borrowing from the spirit of the Islamic patterns, the design encapsulated broken lines across the entire theme. The place is user friendly where the interior design successfully created a work place that blurs the lines between being professional and enjoying a hip trendy youthful spirit encouraging collaboration casual interaction.
Trend Micro Signature Office
Eye of Ra' Public Urban Art Furniture by Dalia Sadany
Eye of Ra' Public Urban Art Furniture
Eye of Ra' Public Urban Art Furniture
The ambition of this design is to merge ancient Egyptian history with the futuristic fluid methodology of design. It is a literal translation of Egyptian most iconic religious tool into a fluid form of street furniture that borrows the characteristics of the flowing style where no specific shapes or design is advocated. The Eye represents both the male and female counterparts in the procreation of God Ra. The street furniture hence is presented in a sturdy design symbolizing masculinity and strength while its curvaceous looks portray femininity and gracefulness.
Eye of Ra'
Tahrir Square Urban Renewal  by Dalia Sadany
Tahrir Square Urban Renewal
Tahrir Square Urban Renewal
Tahrir Square is the backbone of Egyptian political history and therefore reviving its urban design is a political, environmental and social desideratum. The master plan involves closing off some of streets and merging them into the existing square without upsetting traffic flow. Three projects were then created to accommodate a recreational and commercial functions as well as a memorial to mark Egypt’s modern political history. The plan took into account sufficient space for strolling and seating areas and a high green area ratio to introduce color to the city.
Tahrir Square
Yazz Lighting Fixture by Dalia Sadany
Yazz Lighting Fixture
Yazz Lighting Fixture
Yazz is a fun lighting fixture made of bendable semi rigid wires allowing user to bend into any shape or form that suits their mood. It also comes with an attached jack making it easy to combine more than one unit together. Yazz is also aesthetically appealing, user friendly and economical. The concept came from the idea of minimizing lighting to its most basic essentials as the ultimate expression of beauty without losing its aesthetic impact lighting since industrial minimalism is art by itself.
Brieven Piazza  Public Square by Dalia Sadany
Brieven Piazza Public Square
Brieven Piazza Public Square
The inspiration behind this design is the affection for the simplicity and insight of Mondrian abstraction and symbolism with a touch of character and authenticity denoted in the historic Square Kufic calligraphy. This design is a manifestation of coherent fusion between styles advocating the message that there is a possibility of mixing different seemingly contradictory style regarding the naked eye observation while when digging deep into the philosophy behind them there would be similarities that would result in a coherent artwork that is appealing beyond obvious comprehension.
Brieven Piazza
Mowraj  Two Seater by Dalia Sadany
Mowraj Two Seater
Mowraj Two Seater
The Mowraj is a two-seater designed to embody the spirit of ethnic Egyptian and modern Gothic styles. Its form was derived from the Nowrag, the Egyptian version of the threshing sledge altered to embody the Gothic flair without compromising its ethnic antediluvian essence. The design is black lacquered featuring ethnic Egyptian handcrafted engravings on both arms and legs as well as rich velvet upholstery accessorized with bolts and pull rings giving it a medieval thrown like Gothic appearance.
Cyfer Hi-Tech Retail Store by Dalia Sadany
Cyfer Hi-Tech Retail Store
Cyfer Hi-Tech Retail Store
Retail space interiors in the future as in the present should be designed in a way that promotes an enjoyable shopping experience and tailored to the type of product being sold. Cyfer is a hi-tech retail store designed on the QR code. Minimalist in nature the interior and exterior design elements come together to form a smoothly flowing environment emphasizing the power of the product expected in the future while perception is uninterrupted by irrelevant obstructions heightening the level of enjoyment and enhancing the desire to interact with the products.
Brackets Column Beam Structure  by Dalia Sadany
Brackets Column Beam Structure
Brackets Column Beam Structure
The design is a technical solution to provide modulated systems to rehabilitate the useless spaces in rooftops all over the world while adapting to the previous structure of each building. One of its multi-functions is to preserve electricity. It was also aesthetically designed to function in the interior whether by the cladding provided for it, in different materials or finishes, or by the furnishing accents such as counter tops, tables and partitions. It also provides a solar heater system making the spaces energetically sustainable.
Rayon Handcrafted Classic Ceiling  by Dalia Sadany
Rayon Handcrafted Classic Ceiling
Rayon Handcrafted Classic Ceiling
Rayon is a handcrafted ceiling made of solid oak wood in a dining room for a private client in Egypt. The design and execution for this French classic style piece of art took nearly one year to complete. Handcrafted by Egyptian artisans it is 4.25m by 6.80m, all covered in handcrafted solid oak wood motifs while satin luster and patina used to create its vintage look. The design concept resembles a sun with crepuscular like rays. The rays were designed to evince the leaves and branches that distinguish the flamboyant French Classic flair.
Iwan Residence Residential Home by Dalia Sadany
Iwan Residence Residential Home
Iwan Residence Residential Home
This project is a luxury up-market residence owned by a client with immense fondness for cutting-edge contemporary designs yet deep affection for the glamorous Islamic flair. This was a chance to implement a long desired aim and aspiration to amalgamate these two diversified styles and maintain an uninhibited sense and awareness of fusion between these themes. It is more like the intermingling of different, worlds, ideologies and eras - the science fiction mental images of the 1000 nights historical palace undergoing a huge face lift into the 21st futuristic aura.
Iwan Residence
 Baboor Dawar Line Table by Dalia Sadany
Baboor Dawar Line Table
Baboor Dawar Line Table
In a pursuit to transcend boundaries of normality and perpetual attempt to blend historical Egyptian heritage with contemporary means of design presented in materials and finishes ,this distinctive piece “Baboor“ has been inspired by the traditional “Primus stove “ that has been a mandatory equipment for over a century and still has its abundant usage till this day in rural areas. It is a reminder of one of numerous items, that were once a prestigious commodity and as time went by has shadowed extinction into an antiquity. Any item can be a master piece once seen with artistic vision.
 Baboor Dawar Line

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