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Claudio Sibille

Claudio Sibille


Meet Claudio Sibille - a powerhouse of good design, creativity and innovation based in Uruguay. Claudio Sibille's design journey has been nothing short of spectacular, marked by a tireless pursuit of excellence. This dedication is clearly mirrored in Claudio Sibille's impressive haul of 11 A' Design Awards that we showcase here. Spanning across categories such as Furniture, Claudio Sibille's work stands as a living testament to a steadfast commitment to design excellence, serving as a beacon of inspiration for designers globally. With each project, Claudio Sibille masterfully blends form and function, crafting designs that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional and timeless. This approach underscores Claudio Sibille's celebration of creativity and an unyielding quest for innovation.

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Mantis Chair by Claudio Sibille
Mantis Chair
Mantis Chair
Nostalgia towards the past is forever present in this work. This is no exception. Claudio Sibille wanted to create a piece that could have have been present in our grandparents desk or dining room and yet continue to be present, contemporary and even with a touch of modern feeling to it. The beauty of this piece is that one could easily imagine it in the Decorative art yearbook magazines of the 50s or 60s and watch it now and still look modern. This is timeless. Materials used are ash wood, metal for the hardware that fixes the arm rests with the backrest and upholstery.
Umea  Sofa Bed by Claudio Sibille
Umea Sofa Bed
Umea Sofa Bed
The Umea is a very sexy, visually lightweight and elegant sofa bed for up to three people seating and two people in sleeping position. Though the hardware is the classical click clack system, the real innovation of this comes from the sexy lines and contours that make this quite an appealing piece of furniture.
Marken Desk Home Desk furniture by Claudio Sibille
Marken Desk Home Desk furniture
Marken Desk Home Desk furniture
The visually lightweight feeling of this elegant and yet strong desk takes us back to the scandinavian school of design. The awkward shape of the legs, the way they lean to the front almost like a lordly gesture of greeting, reminds us of the silouette of a noble man with his hat off greeting a lady. The desk welcomes us to use it. The shape of the drawers, like separate limbs of the desk, with their hanging sensation and a front personified look, scans the room like watchful eyes.
Marken Desk
Twins Transformable coffee/Lounge chairs by Claudio Sibille
Twins Transformable coffee/Lounge chairs
Twins Transformable coffee/Lounge chairs
The Twins coffee table concept is simple. A hollow coffee table stores two full wooden seats inside. The right and left surfaces of the table, are actually lids that can be pulled out of the main body of the table in order to allow the extraction of the seats. The seats have foldable legs that have to be rotated so to get the chair in the right position. Once the chair, or both chairs are out, the lids go back at the table. When the chairs are out, the table also works as a huge storing compartment.
Ludovico Office Drawer, Chair & Desk Combo by Claudio Sibille
Ludovico Office Drawer, Chair & Desk Combo
Ludovico Office Drawer, Chair & Desk Combo
As with the Ludovico main furniture, this office version obvioulsy has the same principle which is to hide a full chair in a drawer with the chair not being noticed, and seen as part of the main furniture. Most will think that the chairs are a couple more drawers. Only when pulled back we see a chair literally coming out from such a crowded space filled with drawers. Inspiration in great measure came from a visit to Pittamiglio´s caste and all of its symbolic, hidden messages as well as hidden and unexpected doors or full rooms.
Ludovico Office
Mäss Transformable sofa.  by Claudio Sibille
Mäss Transformable sofa.
Mäss Transformable sofa.
I wanted to create a modular sofa that could be transformed in several separate seating solutions. The whole furniture consists of just two different pieces of the same shape to form a variety of solutions. The main structure is the same lateral shape of the arm rests but only thicker. The arm rests can be turned 180 degrees to change or continue the main piece of the furniture.
Air table Coffee table/dinning table by Claudio Sibille
Air table Coffee table/dinning table
Air table Coffee table/dinning table
The way it can easily go from a low coffee table into a full dinning room table or even a desk is quite interesting. The metalic pipes can be set in two different positions by rotation. The wooden boards are turned by hinges that let you increase the surface of the table. The name of this piece of furniture takes inspiration in the MacBook Air, due to its lighweight feeling, both physically as well as visually.
Air table
Ludovico Transforming Furniture by Claudio Sibille
Ludovico Transforming Furniture
Ludovico Transforming Furniture
The way it saves space is quite original, having two chairs completely hidden inside de drawer. When placed inside the main furniture, you don´t realise that what seems to be drawers are actually two separate chairs. You can also have a table which can be used as a desk when taken out of the main structure. The main structure consists of four drawers and a compartment just above the top drawer in which you can store many things. The main material used for this furniture, beign eucaliptus fingerjoint, is eco friendly, incredibly resistant, hard and has a very strong visual appeal.
ESE Rocking Chair by Claudio Sibille
ESE Rocking Chair
ESE Rocking Chair
The shape of the chair is a perfect letter S, so if you rotate it 180 degrees it will maintain its same shape while using another upholstery colour or design, depending on your mood.
Opa Lounge chair by Claudio Sibille
Opa Lounge chair
Opa Lounge chair
The beautiful and peculiar shape of a single stainless steel pipe giving shape to the furniture is what makes this lounge chair so interesting. It The bending pipe and the bent plywood forming the chair makes it very elastic and comfortable. The design feels very light and delicate.
Sensei Transformable Chairs and Coffee Table by Claudio Sibille
Sensei Transformable Chairs and Coffee Table
Sensei Transformable Chairs and Coffee Table
The Sensei Chairs/cofee table is a piece of furniture that like most of my creations, begin by finding new ways to take advantage of small spaces through geometrical random drawings. The style of this project is pointed in a minimalist fashion, where we have no curves, but instead we have lines, planes and neutral colors, such as black and white. The chairs, when set horizontally and joined by their backs, gives us a cofee table. The middle section of the table (where the backs are set together) is amazingly strong, and one can sit down on the middle without even moving the table.

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