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Meet AGi architects - a powerhouse of good design, creativity and innovation based in Kuwait. AGi architects's design journey has been nothing short of spectacular, marked by a tireless pursuit of excellence. This dedication is clearly mirrored in AGi architects's impressive haul of 14 A' Design Awards that we showcase here. Spanning across categories such as Architecture, AGi architects's work stands as a living testament to a steadfast commitment to design excellence, serving as a beacon of inspiration for designers globally. With each project, AGi architects masterfully blends form and function, crafting designs that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional and timeless. This approach underscores AGi architects's celebration of creativity and an unyielding quest for innovation.

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Mop House Private Residence by AGi Architects
Mop House Private Residence
Mop House Private Residence
Mop House is a residential project by AGi architects that was originally planned to house one family with two small children, however in the future it could be divided into two units. The structure of the house and the distribution of the circulation, as well as the positioning of the entrances and lift allows for guaranteed privacy between parents and children in the prospective future. The site can be accessed from either side of the surrounding streets to allow for both a private and a public entrance, whilst establishing a strong relationship with the adjacent public garden.
Mop House
General Department of Information System Governmental by AGi Architects
General Department of Information System Governmental
General Department of Information System Governmental
The design proposal for the General Department of Information System, GDIS, in Kuwait, developed by AGi architects in collaboration with Bonyan Design, is based on three principles: representativeness, security and functionality, turning the complex, with a total gross area of 135,482 sqm, into a strong civil icon representing Kuwait’s Ministry of Interior Affairs. Building design aims for the clear transmission of a conceptual duality it derives from: technology, innovation and transparency versus strength, stability and security, which are inherent to the Ministry of Interior Affairs.
General Department of Information System
Haj House Complex Cultural Complex by AGi Architects
Haj House Complex Cultural Complex
Haj House Complex Cultural Complex
Light, shadows, shelter, pilgrims, garden, paradise… the concept of the Haj House Complex in Lucknow is hereby, through this proposal, addressed as a cord connectively fastening the stems of some of the main features in Islamic traditional architecture; by trying to be much more than just the sum of different functional requirements housed within “rational” buildings, we wanted to push stronger and farther, in order for those concepts to be tangible in the final scenario.
Haj House Complex
S-Cube Chalet Beach House by AGi Architects
S-Cube Chalet Beach House
S-Cube Chalet Beach House
The design encompasses 3 small semi-detached beach houses with a duplicated program. The houses are designed to maintain privacy from each other, as well as to benefit from outdoor areas and sea views. The two houses located on the ground floor level are offset in plan to create privacy and define their respective entrances. The houses are separated by a staircase, which leads to the third house, located at the higher level facing the sea. Each one of the three houses enjoys a private outdoor area that is open to the sky, extended sea views and privacy from immediate neighbors.
S-Cube Chalet
Star House Beach House by AGi Architects
Star House Beach House
Star House Beach House
Nestled into the landscape, this beach house blends with the natural topography of the coastline of Kuwait. Approaching from the desert, it slowly begins to unfold to the visitor. The formal structure of the house is designed to maximize views to the sea. Upon entry, one catches a glimpse of the sea whilst descending into the public space. On this lower level, the chalet extends into the landscape and the sea, accentuated by an infinity pool and surrounded by a garden. The private side, located at the entry level, is concealed from the visitors by a bamboo wall.
Star House
Black and White House Residential House by AGi Architects
Black and White House Residential House
Black and White House Residential House
Located on a main highway in Kuwait, the houses differentiate themselves from their surroundings by their stark façade design. With two contrasting colors, the façade is designed to define the individual houses, while achieving unity amongst all six. White stucco material is used as the base for all the houses, while dark grey bands of stone turn corners, go indoors, and climb up and down, creating flow and continuity throughout the project.
Black and White House
Alsager Cardiac Outpatient Clinic Cardiac Clinic by AGi Architects
Alsager Cardiac Outpatient Clinic Cardiac Clinic
Alsager Cardiac Outpatient Clinic Cardiac Clinic
The Cardiac Research and Rehabilitation Center is a heart disease specialized clinic. The specialties are distributed across multiple levels; with the laboratory and testing on the ground floor, the outpatient on the first and second floor along with a rehabilitation and research center. A unique module was developed for this center, connecting each consult room to two exam rooms with multiple accesses for patients and Dr’s maximizing flow efficiency. These modules are combined with interior courtyards, providing natural light and ventilation for all clinics and waiting areas.
Alsager Cardiac Outpatient Clinic
Secret House Private Residence by AGi Architects
Secret House Private Residence
Secret House Private Residence
Secret House is built in a site constricted by its limitations of having only one street facing façade, and by its close proximity to the neighbors. The buildings’ exterior is contrary to its interior; where the facade is subtle and designed to blend in with its surroundings evoking minimal attention, whilst the focus is on the interior, completely stripping down private barriers and revealing the inner confines of the house. This attenuated yet expansive nature of the house is a reflection of the clients’ character.
Secret House
Al Mayssam In-transit Living Residential Complex Building by AGi Architects
Al Mayssam In-transit Living Residential Complex Building
Al Mayssam In-transit Living Residential Complex Building
The Masterplan for the site includes the construction of six towers, viewed as a reference icon for the area. The residential tower consists of 90 units, with 3 apartments per floor; the units operate independently and only connected using a central service corridor. A typology is developed for each of the apartments and extruded into 3 towers; height variations forms a dynamic complex, avoiding monolithic massing. The parking structure works as a podium housing the 3 hovering towers and unifying the group. The main spaces have complete sea views, while service rooms look into the interior.
Al Mayssam In-transit Living
Fawsec Campus Residential Complex Building by AGi Architects
Fawsec Campus Residential Complex Building
Fawsec Campus Residential Complex Building
Fawsec Campus has been designed as a mid-rise building where a dense development would provide the best thermal conditions for the apartments and the exterior shaded areas. The long interior courtyard is split into different levels, where various open spaces contain sport and leisure areas. Open areas situated between the blocks are treated as interior educational collective spaces, where the whole community can profit from the surrounding individual knowledge. The living units in the buildings are mainly one-bedroom apartments for temporary lodging and short term residency.
Fawsec Campus
Wafra Wind Tower Residential Complex by AGi Architects
Wafra Wind Tower Residential Complex
Wafra Wind Tower Residential Complex
Wafra Wind Tower introduces a new concept to urban living that adapts to the evolving lifestyle of the 21st Century Contemporary Kuwait. With the increasing demand for land in the city, the idea is to transform the single family-home living typology vertically where the tenants can enjoy the privacy of their own home, yet benefit from the tower’s amenities and prime location. The tower is raised on a plinth which is comprised of 2 levels of above-ground parking, and one level of the buildings’ public spaces, including a swimming pool and gym area.
Wafra Wind Tower
New Sulaibikhat Medical Center Clinic by AGi Architects
New Sulaibikhat Medical Center Clinic
New Sulaibikhat Medical Center Clinic
The building stands as a pioneer in the healthcare sector, where challenging issues such as privacy and security are addressed using a model where courtyards attached to the façade are the driving element behind this unique typology. Due to the density and variety of the program, the spaces are sectioned off into multiple self-sufficient departments, which can operate independently from one another. Therefore easy navigation through the clinic is key, where each of the departments is color coded with sufficient signage throughout, to facilitate a universal way-finding technique.
New Sulaibikhat Medical Center
Wafra Living Residential Complex by AGi Architects
Wafra Living Residential Complex
Wafra Living Residential Complex
The Wafra Living residential complex, located in Jabriya Kuwait is 6468 m2, offering three categories of rented apartments, the difference between them lies from the quality of finishes, type of facilities and their size. This type of exclusivity allows for a greater return on investment while at the same time breaking down the scale of the complex making it more personal to the individual resident. It is in this experience that AGi architects aim to create a quality environment that differs from other residential developments in Kuwait.
Wafra Living
Kuwait Children’s Hospital Hospital by AGi Architects
Kuwait Children’s Hospital Hospital
Kuwait Children’s Hospital Hospital
The proposed design for the Kuwait Children’s Hospital (KCH) is conceived as a Landmark that responds to climate and culture, and re-interprets these values in a mid-rise building, that expresses in the skyline a powerful sign that establishes a strong sense of place, history, and future for the children of Kuwait. Like a fortress, it creates an exterior monolithic image that seeks protection from the harsh climate, and a softer interior oasis tailored to the children’s use.
Kuwait Children’s Hospital

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